Before - The concrete on this project was in really bad condition.  However, through proper preparation it soon looked like a new deck surface.  It saved thousands of dollars compared to tearing it our and pouring new.  It took 7 days to prepare this surface and just 3 to make it gorgeous.  

After - This is a sample of how great the surface of this pool deck turned out.  A direct quote from management was "I had the pleasure of  looking at the deck yesterday and it is fabulous. I know that the amount of work it needed was much more than anticipated, but you guys came through with flying colors."  This pool deck had to pass strict regulations by Fulton County inspectors - meaning it had to be level.  We were able to give them years of life to their crumbling concrete.

Management Letter 

I have to admit that when I first met with Atlanta Concrete Coatings I did not believe that they would be able to make as drastic of a difference as they stated they could due to the poor condition of our concrete pool deck.  I had my doubts, but that was completely unfounded as you can see by the before and after pictures on their website.  When work began, I was shocked at how efficient and effective the workers at Atlanta Concrete Coatings were.  Tom and Shari visited with me every step of the way and in the end I was amazed at the look of the deck.  The difference is so incredible that I have had people stop by our office just to inquire who did the work.  If you are considering Atlanta Concrete Coatings for your decking needs you will be absolutely satisfied with the work, attention to detail and the customer care you will receive.

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